How to SELL

 1. Can I sell my used stuff?

Yes you can sell your used closet items. Conditions applied that they are a product of a well-known brand and are not torn or discolored.

2. Can I sell my new stuff?

Yes you can definitely sell your new closet items as long as they are branded. In fact if you sell new closet items you get a better price on the product.

3. How can I set price?

You do not set price. We do it for you. You place the retail price of the product in the required bar along with relevant information like “Does the product have a retail tag?” or “Product has any sign of usage?” You can only set price within the provided range by the calculator.

4. How is the price calculated?

The price is calculated based on condition of the product. If your product is brand new and has the tag attached to it you are likely to get more money. The calculator takes in the retail price and gives you a minimum and maximum rage in which you can set your price based on how soon you want to sell your product.

5. Can I upload my husband items?

Yes you can upload your husband’s branded closet items to sell and you can also purchase them at from our Men’s category.

6. Can I sell my kids’ stuff?

Yes absolutely you can. We have a separate category for kids where you can sell their used and new closet items and toys.